7cees is exploring how to consciously create cultural evolution by sparking conversations and collaborations that grow connection and community.  


We’re seeking a lifestyle of being yourself for a living by finding ways to use natural inspiration to add value to society.


How? We travel around in our mobile-bus-studio and invite people of all ages and backgrounds to share their passion with us. Then we find creative ways to evolve the life of everyone involved and enhance the local community at the same time. We do this by treating life as an art and being ourselves as honestly and openly as we can in the present moment. The specifics of what we do depend on who we meet and the opportunities we find, check out What We Do for more.


Where are We? We’re everywhere. Well OK, not at once, haven’t figured that one out yet. We’re traveling all around the country and if we’re not where you are now we probably will be. We’re looking for tips on where to go, what to see and who to meet.


Our mission is a process, not an end goal; we’re exploring what it means to evolve. To do that, our venture continuously re-creates itself, adapting to find ever-new ways to sail our 7 cees. We’re seeking fresh perspectives on this to inspire us to keep growing. Get in touch!

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