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Pursuing a Vision

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Barn Overview

The more I look and around, the more I realize that one of the biggest influences 0n people’s happiness is pursuing a vision. Could be a vision for a business, a vision for relationships, or a vision for how to spend the day- doesn’t matter much, so long as it’s there. Vision gives us a reason… Read more »

CREATE madison

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First off, I wanted to say a thank you to those of you who’ve continued to read this blog even though I’ve kinda let it fall apart a little lately. It means a lot to me to look and still see the large number of people coming here every day- and definitely inspires me to… Read more »

The Experience of Creating an Experience

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One thing we were on to from the start, and have had reinforced through what we’ve seen, is that people today want experience more than they want material products- obviously there’s a market for those but after a certain amount of acquisition there’s really not even enough time to take advantage of more stuff. So,… Read more »

Learning to be more Creative

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I just finished reading Imagine by Jonah Lehrer, a fantastic book about ‘how creativity works.’  In it, he explains the emerging science behind creativity and what it means both for individuals looking for insights and organizations wanting to generate more creative solutions. In the book, Lehrer researches creatives from Bob Dylan to 3M employees to… Read more »


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In the words of the wise from Tupac to Ghandi to Darwin to John F Kennedy, life is full of change, and a key to peace and survival is to accept that change rather than fight it. For each of us, things are changing rapidly now that we’re no longer living on the road, and… Read more »