In the words of the wise from Tupac to Ghandi to Darwin to John F Kennedy, life is full of change, and a key to peace and survival is to accept that change rather than fight it.

For each of us, things are changing rapidly now that we’re no longer living on the road, and we’re faced with the question of what to make next given everything we’ve seen.

We came together to explore creativity and found it bursting through the seams of mainstream American society; people everywhere are going about their business as usual but also pulsing with passion to be part of and experience something more.  This shows in the ubiquity of little things like community fire-dances, painters teaching on the side of the street and decentralized dance parties (watch the vid, it’s pretty sweet).  What can we do to help unleash this human potential?

We let go of living in the past or future by making our job to remain aware in the present and found peace and freedom.  Allowing and  even sometimes forcing ourselves to be here and now made us aware of the innumerable choices we have at any point in time and how much they determine the course of our lives.  Which of these choices should we make?

We trusted that people everywhere are coming together in the face of intense adversity (global warming, population overload, …) to figure out a way for humanity to evolve.  Our trust was rewarded with the validation of helping hands wherever we turned and inspiring examples of individuals relinquishing limited personal motivations to find purpose in forming communities with a larger vision.  How can we do the same, and with whom should we form our community?

As we take some time to address these questions and move into the next adventures in our lives, we’ll do our best to share our stories here on our site.  Keep up with us if you’re interested, and if you have any suggestions or comments please share them!


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