Seattle: Purr and Pause

The trip up from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA was filled with beautiful scenery and an exciting entrance to Mercer Island. We arrived to a wonderful meal provided by the Larus-Stone family and rested up for a day of cruising the city and working on the bus. The morning was spent defining our work days which will consist of spending time on each of the 7 cees (consciousness, creativity, culture, collaboration, cooperation, conversation, community). In the afternoon we drove through the winding highways and steep hills taking photos and filming our surroundings, as night set in we parked above a lake. I walked down a quiet leaf filled trail to the lake where I photographed the bridge, water and pier. It has been a nice couple days in Seattle, the bus has been restless and driving it around the city draws eyes and inspiration.

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  1. Mike

    Thanks Del Ben, after you pointed this out we were able to put our link up and even ended up getting some visitors to our impromptu event last night. Appreciate you pointing that out to us!


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