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Photo Highlights

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We just drove down to Austin, TX for SXSW and already we’re having a blast parked outside Conjunctured Coworking. Posts of the drive coming soon- in the mean time here are some photo highlights of our trip so far.

Breakdown + 3-Month Reflection

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Late last night we were driving into Flagstaff, AZ when I heard a thunk almost like a rock falling into deep water. “What the f*** was that?” Suddenly the power steering was gone and it was all I could do to turn the bus into a parking lot through clouds of white smoke that started… Read more »

Valley of the Fire

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The Valley of the Fire, located 55 miles Northeast of Las Vegas, has some of the most incredible rock formations and colors you will ever see. We drove in at night and waited for the sun to expose the glory we felt around. As the morning quietly crept in the views expanded and after a… Read more »

The Jelly

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Thursday night we were invited to a ‘Jelly,’ a relaxed event for techies, artists, entrepreneurs and other passionate Las Vegans (lol) to jam together and make connections.  We decided to bring 7cees’ peanut butter and mingle. The Jelly was hosted at The Beat, an awesome coffee shop / office / art gallery / co-working space… Read more »

Downtown Project: Las Vegas

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This week we’re visiting Downtown Project, an incredibly cool initiative in Las Vegas with a big vision and the funding and expertise to make it happen (founded by Tony Hsieh of Zappo’s).  The mission is to empower the community by building co-working spaces, investing in start-ups, sponsoring artistic events and enhancing education. We drove in… Read more »