Shake of a Head

This journey started with three friends coming together and forming a harmony, a company that would explore the world we road across. The bus has been a trusty vessel that has taken us from the frosty pine tips in Montana to the endless beaches of California. More and more I learn that the people and the experiences we cross through are what shapes us into the people we are. I am so thankful to be able to share this trip with everyone we have encountered. As California’s sun sets we look out to a moon rising in Las Vegas.

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3 Responses to “Shake of a Head”

  1. alrio

    Saw your rig last night at Starbucks off I 5. I’ll follow on your site for awhile. Twitter?

  2. sabrina

    I saw your bus parked at walmart in Barstow ca. today! Our kids thought it was the most awesome thing they’ve ever seen. I took a brief look at your site (read some of your stories) I think it’s really neat what you guys are doing. Hope you have a safe trip.


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