Valley of the Fire

The Valley of the Fire, located 55 miles Northeast of Las Vegas, has some of the most incredible rock formations and colors you will ever see. We drove in at night and waited for the sun to expose the glory we felt around. As the morning quietly crept in the views expanded and after a quick pop-tart breakfast we started our first climb.

It’s a great feeling to be able to explore without boundaries, if you feel like climbing a rock you do, there are no ropes, paths, or large signs in the way. I have never seen the amount of winding and varied terrains of rocks anywhere else. The rocks in Valley of the Fire have been there for 150 million years and have absorbed some unique and unbelievable formations and colors. Lavender, deep orange, white, yellow, brown, red in all different shades and combinations. In addition to the rocks themselves the spaces with no rocks were equally as intricate and amazing. There were caves all over carved to perfection, holding the softest of all the sands. We spend the day playing, exploring, and debating the likelihood of living out here and eating tarantulas and rattlers. A beautiful day led to a rough night as the radiator on the bus broke leaving us on a rocky road back to Vegas.

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