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Giving Thanks

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I’m thankful that it’s Thanksgiving. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed trying to steer this adventure this way or that and I think a day of being nothing but thankful is exactly what the doctor ordered. There are so many things to be thankful for, from loving family and friends to the hard work of so… Read more »

Accidents and Adaptation

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This morning we got into an accident driving to IHOP to get breakfast. I pulled out from a stop sign to cross an intersection and didn’t see a car coming from the left that ended up ramming into the side of our bus. Thankfully nobody got hurt, despite the fact that the car got pretty… Read more »

Slow and Easy

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We’re on the South Dakota highway, and as we start to dig into trucker culture I’m becoming fascinated by the people inside the big white boxes I never used to think twice about (except maybe as a kid if I wanted them to honk the horn). One of them told me we’d never get to… Read more »

Dreams on Our Shoulders

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Friday was a great day for me as an artist. I made my first signed painting which turned out to be an incredibly fun albeit extremely messy experience (I still have green oil paint on my hands). I wrote little notes and left them along the bike trail while we walked along sharing our childhood… Read more »

A Good Balance

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mike typing La Crosse

It’s a cold night tonight in Lowry’s trailer lot in Minneapolis and I’m so tired I almost don’t want to write. We’ve been having a much needed relax-and-regroup evening and are taking a look at things now that we have a few days experience on the road. I know forty-eight hours might not seem like… Read more »