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Technology -> Creative Freedom

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7Cees’ SXSW experience: concerts, 3AM bus-rides with strangers, swarms of geeks, discussions of the future of mankind, meditations, astronaut mansions, co-working, dancing, rainstorms and sunshine. SXSW Interactive attracts a large proportion of the people who are shaping our digitizing world: the accomplished looking for what’s next and the up-and-comers looking for accomplishment.  It was a…

Photo Highlights

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We just drove down to Austin, TX for SXSW and already we’re having a blast parked outside Conjunctured Coworking. Posts of the drive coming soon- in the mean time here are some photo highlights of our trip so far.

Dissolving an Ego

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Being at base back in Madison has allowed time for reflection on the first 100 days of our adventure.  This post is a personal account of the most life-changing experience that I (Mike) had on the trip thus far. It happened one soggy morning in Redwood National Park when a voice in my head that… Read more »

Driving Home

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For the past 30 hours we drove from Albuquerque to Madison non-stop (after some amazing New Mexican food shown to us by Marshall Berg!).  Heading home after more than 3 months on the road was surreal- a feeling only enhanced by fatigue and cabin fever. I had hours of enlightenment where a beautiful vision of… Read more »

Breakdown + 3-Month Reflection

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Late last night we were driving into Flagstaff, AZ when I heard a thunk almost like a rock falling into deep water. “What the f*** was that?” Suddenly the power steering was gone and it was all I could do to turn the bus into a parking lot through clouds of white smoke that started… Read more »