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LaCrosse- Passion vs. Parents?

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7 busconcert

Es la segunda noche del viaje and we’re parked in a parking lot just outside of the Twin Cities, MN. It’s snowing out and falling to melt on the panoramic glass in our 2nd van in beautiful sparkles. A perfect offset to the illuminated Walmart billboards stealing half the view. Had a pretty incredible day-… Read more »

First Night

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We’ve had a lot of ‘first nights’ with this journey already, but this one is undeniable. We’re on the road, headed out into a year in a big world. We’re all feeling the adventure and settling into our studio and home for the next year. I can confidently say that my days are long and… Read more »

The Right Environment

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People are inspired by honesty, by truth, by attention, by meaning.  That may be one of the most valuable things we can strive for: to give people the environment to be open and honest in a productive way. We’ve always thought that the most important thing for creativity is the environment.  Many people do.  But… Read more »

Mike’s VentureC Book Ch 1.1

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Writing in the Hammock

During our VentureC journey I hope to write about a chapter a week of a book that summarizes and shares to the best of my ability my adaptive experience.  Here’s the first installment. I’m interested in reality: what is it, how does it work, what are humans’ place in it and how can I experience… Read more »

7cees at Build Madison

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We’re at Build Madison right now trying to figure out how we can get all the great people that express interest in our project involved.  We need an easy way to let everyone know where we’re at, what we’re doing and what kinds of help / involvement people can add. Twitter’s always an option, but it seems so… Read more »