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5:30 AM

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It was 5:30 AM when I headed out to snap a few photos of the misty Monday morning. There was a silence in the atmosphere as the crystals from last night’s frost drew their paths on vehicles parked along the road. The mist was highlighted by the street lights that created clouds of light and… Read more »

The Journey Westward

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We’ve been in Portland, OR for a week now, I have been meaning to write a post about the trip we took from Minneapolis all the way to Portland but have been distracted by Thanksgiving and a new wonderful place. The journey was long but along the trip we ran into beautiful scenery as well… Read more »

Things are Opening Up a Little Bit

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We made it to Portland. Now to begin, it seems. We’ve been so focused on getting through the cold and arriving at our first major destination that things seem a bit surreal now that we’re here. The transition from traveling through the plains all day to setting out into a crowded city is abrupt and… Read more »

The Beauty of Exploration

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250 miles north of the Twin Cities lies Ely, a town known for its exploration and natural beauty. We were drawn up for a day and night to meet with Patti Steger, the founder of Steger Mukluks, one of our generous sponsors. Wow, was it worth it. Northern Minnesota is gorgeous- lake after frozen blue… Read more »