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Minneapolis, MN

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Friday and Saturday we spend most of the day exploring the city, meeting people and working on our Facebook page. It is exciting and interesting talking with those who take the initiative to poke their head in and say Hi. We’ve encountered many college students as well as families and kids. It is a great… Read more »

First Stop- UW Platteville

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We had our first public event on Thursday at UW-Plateville, and we could not be more thrilled with the results! We showed up a few minutes late due to an unexpected collision with a light-cover at a gas station, and were greeted by a crowd of 50 or so students and faculty backed by an… Read more »

Dew n’ Flips

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The 7cees team

We commissioned an awning to be built for the side of the bus so that when it is wet and raining out we can still work outside. The material is very nice but it may have issues letting some rain in (as seen in the second picture). In addition to the awning there are two… Read more »

Bus Transformation

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7cees 4 seasons tree

As summer transitions to fall the bus seems to be changing as quickly as the season. We have removed much of the interior and are working on designing and building seating, work stations and plenty more. The bus is now covered in Temptation Grey with the back van being sprayed with a slightly green robins… Read more »

Jesse Dangles: the Still Moving Swing Project

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jesse dangles logo

Jesse Dangles likes to move in stillness.  And what better way to do so than on a big pendulum? We launched the ‘Still Moving Swing Project’ in Jesse’s honor and put up swings around the city of Madison in beautiful public places. Then we encouraged people to take a break to enjoy the view and… Read more »