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Urban Friction

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Yesterday I stepped onto the street and ran into Dimitrius Pryce, an aspiring novelist working on his first book “The Scars in my Eyes.”   It’s an urban fiction relaying the best and worst of what’s been cast into his mind through his years growing up in a rough neighborhood. I asked him for ‘the… Read more »

100 Smiles Results

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Yesterday we captured pictures of 100 people we made smile in Seattle and we’re working on turning them into a mosaic (coming soon).  We feel good about the day; we successfully made many people happy and worked as a team to complete our challenge, which turned out to be more of an exercise than we… Read more »

100 Smiles in Seattle

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Help us highlight Seattle’s happiness on Tuesday by causing a smile and posting it on our or tweeting it @7_cees with the hash-tag #SmilesInSeattle.  It’s a ‘cheese’-y campaign we know (sorry, had to), but who doesn’t want to see another smile or 100? After our open conversation event last night and our recent exposure on… Read more »

Ghost in the Needle

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We spent the day walking around downtown Seattle, popping into the Seattle Art Museum to soak in the art on display. It has been great having the bus out and finding spots to park downtown, I’m laying in the upstairs back van and throughout the day I hear and see people snapping photos and looking… Read more »

Seattle: Purr and Pause

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The trip up from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA was filled with beautiful scenery and an exciting entrance to Mercer Island. We arrived to a wonderful meal provided by the Larus-Stone family and rested up for a day of cruising the city and working on the bus. The morning was spent defining our work days… Read more »