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Smoke from the Road

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A few minutes ago a burning smell invaded our cabin. We looked out the windows and saw a plume of white smoke emanating from our left rear wheel well. As soon as we could we pulled over, which brought us to the United Methodist Church parking lot outside of Vancouver, WA. After breakfast we’d noticed… Read more »

5:30 AM

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It was 5:30 AM when I headed out to snap a few photos of the misty Monday morning. There was a silence in the atmosphere as the crystals from last night’s frost drew their paths on vehicles parked along the road. The mist was highlighted by the street lights that created clouds of light and… Read more »


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I’ve spent many, many hours considering focus. It’s a concept that’s incredibly abstract and yet universally tangible. We can focus on focus itself and enter recursive infinity or we can focus on our senses and forget what focusing means in the first place. Regardless of where our focus is, it’s always happening. Focus is a… Read more »

Skidmore Bluff Sunset

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23 days in and here I am at the Skidmore Bluffs, watching barges drift into the port. I’m sitting on a flower-adorned bench dedicated to Michele Stephenson with the quote “you live in my heart.” The blue-pink sky is gorgeous and I’m seriously regretting not bringing my camera, but I suppose as a writer I… Read more »

Firedancing Live Blog

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Live Blog from Firedancing at the WatershedPDX I’m sitting in SouthEast Portland at an open ‘crafts and burning’ night where a community of people come together to fire dance and build crafts, and apparently also burn anything of their liking. We’re considering it as a fate for a few of our extra pillows floating around… Read more »